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TubesT-Lite is a free software to generate toolpath for FSCUT tube cutting system. It's designed for CypTube/TubePro, can import part from external igs file, draw the part of standard shape and array-nest the part on the tube.

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Auto Nest Auto nest parts of different shape same time, also support to create common line toolpath in multiple patterns
Profiles and Free Forms Support profiles of U/T/H/L shapes and free form shapes toolpath generation
Advanced Technique Support advanced technique setting including Fly Cut, 2D editing and continuous toolpath generation
Assist Function Support assembly file import, part drawing and nesting report functions
Function Comparison
Function Nesting Capability
Auto nest
Manual adjust nesting
Nest different parts on one tube
Nest parts of different shapes in one time
Generate common line toolpath of various patterns
Material-saving nest strategy
Tolerance-allowed nesting
Production Capability
Free form tube(close-contour section)
Profiles(L/T/H/U shapes)
Sharp corner rectangle
Other free form tube of complex shape
Production Technique
Lead line, kerf width compensation, cooling point, micro-joint etc
Start point, reverse, inner/outer, gap, overcut etc
Weld kerf compensation
Through holes
Vertical/horizontal through holes
Create continuous toolpath
Extend compensation styles
Fly Cut
2D edit
Bevel cutting toolpath
Drawing Modification
Break, join line segment
Replace as point, flip, fine tune, R corner adjust
Draw wrapping
Profile toolpath modification
Rotate tube section
Edit 3D vector of contour
Sort along Y axis
Reverse sequence
Manual sort
Sort by tube face
Unfold 3D drawing to sort
Holes around cut-off section first
Optimize B axis rotation
Import IGS, SAT file
Import *.jhb file(TubesT generated)
Batch import part by Excel table
Import assembly part
Save/read YXY project file
Import Part TubesT-Lite can read *.igs file and recognize the tube extrusion direction automatically, keep outer or inner contour of tube wall as toolpath. You can also draw a part of standard shape in TubesT-Lite with wrapping feature.
Through Holes Tubest-Lite can set through holes technique. Tube(B axis) won't rotate in cutting through holes.
Array TubesT-Lite can array imported part to fill the whole tube or duplicate by preset number, meanwhile create common line toolpath to improve production effeciency.
Weld Kerf Compensation For welding part with angle section, TubesT-lite can calculate by wall thickness and angle then offset weld kerf automatically.
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Update Log
Update Log
Use Tubest-Lite V1.27.1 with TubePro_V7.0.13.134 and above.