CypVision system is designed as an extended vision system for Friendess laser cutting control system.The system applies Gigabit Ethernet communication and self-developed adaptive algorithms to realize precision cutting of various material including stainless steel/ copper/ aluminum/ ceramics/ glass and PCB circuit board etc., in many industries of aluminum substrate, 3C, vision tube cutting and glasses frame etc.In addition, CypVision supports to customize vision functions for different application scenarios.

Technical Data

Control Software
Industrial camera
130W black white pixel, options 500W/1000W
Power supply 12V DC(±10%),support POE power supply
Global exposure shutter capture more sharper dynamic image
Gigabit Ethernet communication, up to 30Hz ( Intel network card is recommended)
Prime lens
Focal range 50mm, flange distance 13.1mm
TV distortion -0.3% (y=4.0)
Work range 98~142mm
Light source
White ring light source fit for lighting for various materials of stainless steel, titanium alloy, aluminum, copper in production
Provide optional light source for different cutting application
Light source controller
Power supply 24V DC, 1A
Work environment
Temperature: 0-50℃
5% - 80% (no condensation)


Technique feature
One click to finish camera pixel  calibration , lens and cutting head offset setting
Identify the Mark point type and Mark point template automatically.
Integrate two dimensional measuring and lens distortion calibration technique.
Support advanced functions of find workpiece edge, auto focus control, dual shuttle, break point locate, round tube cutting etc.
Support visual and file positioning methods, convenient for batch processing
Control performance
Self-developed adaptive algorithms
Single point positioning accuracy 6μm, repeated positioning accuracy 0.012mm
Single Mark point positioning time < 100ms
Control light source switch and via RS232 communication


3C fabrication and printed eye glasses frame fabrication industry.