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BLT 5 Series

BLT 5 Series smart cutters are especially developed for high-power tube cutting. Right angle optical path ensures stable cutting performance by moderating fiber swings. New designed mechanical structure supports 400MM×400MM H beam cutting. Multiple sensors combine with Auto Recut and Smart Piercing function bring you a safe, effective, and stable production.

Bevel Cutting

One-Step Forming

One-Step forming, process streamlined, efficiency improved. Maximum ±45 degrees bevel cutting and 400mmx400mm H beam supportable.

Right Angle Cutter

Effective Protection

Right angle cutter moderates optical fiber swings in machining, extending its lifespan.

Protective Screws

Simple Maintenance

Protective screws keep cutting head from damage. No time wasting on Depot Repair.

Gas Pressure Monitor

Better Performance

Real time monitor gas pressure brings you early warning for inadequate parameters.

Internal Amplifier

Stable Capacitance

Superior immunity against interference stabilizes capacitance.

BLT520H Product Manual
BLT540H Product Manual
BLT 5 Series High-Power Smart Cutter
Cutter Model BLT520H BLT540H
Power Level ≤8kW ≤15kW
Fiber Interface QBH、EOC QBH、QD、Q+、ADD
Focal Distance(mm) 200/250
Size(mm) 420x320
Weight(kg) About 7.5
Auto Focus Range(mm) ±50
Laser Wavelength(nm) 1030-1090
Max Gas Pressure(Bar) 25
BLT 5 Series Smart Cutter Feature
Auto Recut Smart Piercing Focusing Test
Protective Screws Temperature Monitor Sensor Water Cooling Sensor
Right Angle Optical Path Protective Lens Monitor Gas Pressure Monitor
Bevel Cutting 400MM×400MM H Beam Supportable